Marta Graciela Bressi Studios

Unique Digital Art for your Music & Video Projects


This brand-new site was born as a means to introduce Marta G Bressi's digital works to those who might be searching for an original image to feature on the cover of their latest CD/DVD project.

Unique Artwork Designs for your CD/DVD Project

All the images and backgrounds on this site are original because of the means used to accomplish the visual elements that are part of them. The manipulation of the technological tools at Marta´s disposal is also unique and the mastery of such tools is the result of ten years of daily research and hard work on the computer. None of the images you will see features any predetermined shapes like the ones found in graphic editors, everything has been created by the artist´s hand using the mouse as if it were a pencil.


The Flow of the Senses

"My first years were quiet times; days devoted to observing and absorbing the world around me- its smells, colours and sounds. Then my imagination ran wild, and I dreamt of other places and worlds through music, films and drama. Moving images  and melodies have been my inseparable companions ever since I can remember.

The artist that inhabits in every child survived in me after learning how to read and write, and I'm still breathing in and living for Art. My palette's my musical instrument, the colours on it are my tunes and my drawing's the rhythm, the cadence which characterises my work.

The threads connecting the world of images with that of sounds are complex and magical and yet so very natural.

Open the door and take a peek. See and feel both colours and shapes flow like a haunting jazzy tune. "

Marta Graciela Bressi